Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Turtle said...

I LOVE your work! really..
Especially all illustrations. They are really creative. Keep up the work . I was doing it myself but i recently had to drop outta college. Could you temme a nice link where I could find tutorials on photoshop?

Kristina said...


I <3 this.

Is it actual collage or all digital?

Maureen O'Brien Illustration said...

Everything is handmade collage-ish pieces (except for the eyelets) that I assembled and layered in photoshop, so I guess it is digital, but I want to do something with the real pieces...sometime...

Ryan said...

Nice job Mo!

You really know how to get a geek to like Art!! :-P I really like this one as well as the scam bater one. Although all the rest are sweet too!!! Its amazing how many different directions you can take your art!!! Impressive!!!

Aka: Wingman ;)

Maureen O'Brien Illustration said...

Thanks Ryan!