Wednesday, September 3, 2008


please help me with a project

what is your definition of the following words?



include, exclude, expand upon, or go on a tangent from any of the five senses. be simple, complex, subjective, or objective. anything goes.

leave your definitions as a comment (you may be anonymous as i will not be using any names) or if you'd rather email it to me you may contact me here:

smaureenie at gmail dot com

please respond by sunday september 7, midnight.
thank you to all who reply!


Benjamen Nienhouse said...

Hate: An extreme feeling that can be used as either a destructive or constructive motive to either set back or further one's objective. Using hate as a fuel to complete a task can be beneficial depending on the situation. More often than not, hate is used to cause pain or suffering to another person in the form of words or actions. On the other hand, using hate towards someone in the correct manner can bring about a positive outcome for the victim. Hate as a word has a bad tendency to be thrown around half-hazardly when the correct term should be 'dislike'.

Love: Again another extreme emotion that is just a hieghtened version of joy or happyness. Of course with this emotion comes blindness in its purest form. For when we believe that we love someone or something to its fullest extent, we tend to forget the world around us. Again love can be used as a way to better someone's life or be used maliciously to wreak havoc on another. Using this term losely can cause pain and suffering rivaling or even surpassing that of Hate.

Anonymous said...

love is a thing with feathers
hate is why she flies

Maureen said...

thank you!