Thursday, January 3, 2008

day two

I started working on the nursery yesterday, transferring the drawings and doing some re-drawing.
Today I started painting and I hope to finish tomorrow.
Here are some photos.

Love these colors!
I am painting on the two opposite walls which are a very light cream.


Kristina said...

looks super cute!

I noticed you're using tape to mask off certain areas? If you're having any issues with the paint bleeding under, run over the edge of the tape on the side where you're painting with some clear matte medium. Once dry, it seals it, and works wonders for crisp paint lines.

Keep posting pics, I want to see it when its done.

Ryan said...

So your going to do my room next right??? I figured you could do some sort of Video game theme??? :-P

Looks great, we need to see the finished project though!!!

Maureen said...

thanks kristina! i did have some paint bleed under the tape. i will definitely use matte medium in the future.

and ryan i think the most obvious theme for your room is guitar hero!